" The Glorious Cross of DOZULE "

" Through you, Madeleine, the town of Dozul馮bsp;(Normandy - France)
will be adorned with the Holy Cross... and a Sanctuary of Reconciliation"

The Glorious Cross 

(738 m)

to be erected
at Dozul馧t; in Normandy


croixcol.gif (31842 octets)

The Sanctuary of the Reconciliation
and his Parvis of the nations

Sanctplan.gif (26807 octets)


campanile.gif (66456 octets)

The Campanile of the father with his 154 bells carillon.

chapelle.gif (60443 octets)

Entrance of Saint Jospeh Chapel


bassin.GIF (42849 octets)

The bassin of purification

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From april 12th 1970 to august 6th 1982, Madeleine Aumont gets messages from Christ during 50 apparitions.
Jesus asks that the Glorious Cross (738m) and the Sanctuary be erected in Dozule (Normandy, FRANCE).

RESSOURCE association has performed technical,  administratives, and historical studies showing the feasability of the 738 meters high Cross. It has performed a symbolic and  architectural program and a theological synthesis (in French) related to :

Ressource has presentated the Glorious Cross project on 22 of June 2002 at the University of Westren Ontario under the title : How Dr. Alen G. Davenport and the Canadians helped the French people to overcome their ancestral fear that the sky will fall on their head ?

Ressource is working to spread the corresponding messages from Christ by publishing   informations in  English,        French, English, German, Italian, Hebrew, indonesian, Tamil,   Dutch, Arab, Portugese, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Rumanian, Greec, Japanese, Chinese .... Books are available in all those langages.

Please contact us would you send or need some informations.

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