Listing of apparitions and messages
to Madeleine Aumont of Dozulé in Normandy, France

"Since April 12, 1970, I have felt the resurrection of my spirit and soul."

Apparitions 1 to 10 :                                    croixLciel2.gif (134204 octets)

1st Apparition, March 28, 1972, High Butte; "You will make known this Cross, and you will carry it."
2nd Apparition, November 8, 1972, High Butte; "It is time to save all those sinners who do not love Jesus."
3rd Apparition, December 7, 1972, High Butte; "Tell the priest to have the Glorious Cross erected on this spot, and a sanctuary built at its base."
4th Apparition, December 19, 1972, High Butte; "You will see this Cross three more times."
5th Apparition, December 20, 1972, High Butte; "Tell the priest that the Glorious Cross erected at this spot is to be comparable to Jerusalem."
6th Apparition, December 21, 1972, High Butte; "Find three people and recite the Rosary together for the construction of the Glorious Cross here on the outskirts of Dozulé."
7th Apparition, December 27, 1972, near the church which she set up with flowers for a wedding; "Do not be afraid. I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man risen from the dead."
8th Apparition, June 12, 1973, St. Joseph's chapel; "Have the Glorious Cross and the Sanctuary of Reconciliation built."
9th Apparition, July 6, 1973, St. Joseph's chapel; "The Lord's servant will speak a language which is foreign to her."
10th Apparition "Rejoice! Rejoice in the Lord without ceasing. Rejoice as the Lord's servant present here is overwhelmed with joy in the Light that she perceives."

Apparitions 11 to 20 :                                         maismad.gif (316789 octets)

11th Apparition, October 5, 1973, St. Joseph's chapel; "Mercy, my God." "The Glorious Cross must be comparable in its vertical dimension (738 meters) to the city of Jerusalem. It must be very bright."
12th Apparition, November 2, 1973, St. Joseph's chapel; "Dozulé is henceforth a blessed and sacred town."
13th Apparition, January 4, 1974, St. Joseph's chapel; "Why are you scared? Why do you doubt? I am here!"
14th Apparition, March 1, 1974, St. Joseph's chapel; "Rejoice, for the time is near when the Son of Man will return in Glory."
15th Apparition, April 5, 1974, St. Joseph's chapel; "The Glorious Cross will atone for all sin."
16th Apparition, May 3, 1974, St. Joseph's chapel; "Hurry to have the Glorious Cross erected in its place."
17th Apparition, May 31, 1974, St. Joseph's chapel; "I am Michael, the Archangel." "I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man risen from the dead." "Ask for a candle. Light it and set it down. May all who come into this chapel do the same."
18th Apparition, July 5, 1974 "Jesus appeared, but did not say anything."
July 9, 1974 "Water was discovered in the basin."
19th Apparition, August 3, 1974, "Site of the Cross" High Butte; "Come here in procession, everyone, and do not be afraid to wash. This water is not a spring. It is water which seeps from the ground."
20th Apparition, September 6, 1974, St. Joseph's chapel; "Do not mourn."

Apparitions 21 to 30                                                 Bassin96.GIF (112610 octets)

21st Apparition, November 1 1974, in the church in Dozulé; "After these days of trial, the Son of Man Himself will appear in the sky."
22nd Apparition, February 14, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "The Lord appeared to me...He didn't say anything to me."
23rd Apparition, February 21, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Tell the priest that it is in the Name of God and through Him that you have prophesied."
24th Apparition, February 28, 1975 "This generation is the most hypocritical and the most evil."
25th Apparition, March 7, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "This blessed and sacred town will be protected..." "Be humble, but do not accept any help for yourself."
26th Apparition, March 14, 1975 "Persevere, Madeleine, in prayer, fasting, and abstinence."
27th Apparition, March 21, 1975 "Begin a novena tomorrow."
28th Apparition. March 28, 1975, in the church in Dozulé; "It is by the Glorious Cross, which is the Sign of the Son of Man, that the world will be saved."
29th Apparition, April 11, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Tell the priest: 'I want everyone to know the Message.'"
30th Apparition, May 2, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Perpetual renewal."

Apparitions 31 to 40                                         HbutteTM2.gif (324245 octets)

31st Apparition, May 30, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, I will renew in the Spirit of My Father."
32nd Apparition, June 27, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Tell the nun to be so kind as to come here Friday."
33rd Apparition, July 4, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "This letter is addressed to the Head of the Church. '...You, Head of the Churches, I tell you in truth, it is by this Cross set over the world that nations will be saved.'"
34th Apparition, September 19, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "You, priests and religious entrusted with the Message, do not let mankind run to its ruin."
35th Apparition, December 5, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "...In this life, Satan will have no more power over them."
36th Apparition, December 25, 1975, Christmas, St. Joseph's chapel; "Novena: First Day" "Mankind will not know peace until it knows My Message and puts it into practice."
37th Apparition, December 26, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Second Day" "I will multiply with graces the souls of priests and religious, for it is through them that My Message must be made known."
38th Apparition, December 27, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Third Day" "I will keep devout and faithful souls close to My Heart, for they comforted Me on the road to Calvary."
39th Apparition, December 28, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Fourth Day" "I will pour out rays of My Grace on pagans and on all those who do not yet know Me, the moment they know My Message."
40th Apparition, December 29, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Fifth Day" "I will attract the souls of heretics and schismatics to unity with the Church."

Apparitions 41 to 50                                             moutonsm28.gif (76386 octets)

41st Apparition, December 30, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Sixth Day" "I will receive children and humble souls into the abode of My Heart so that they maintain the special affection of Our Heavenly Father."
42nd Apparition, December 31, 1975, St. Joseph's chapel; "Seventh Day" "Go tell the magistrate of this town that God entrusts him to give to the Church the land which must become Hers."
43rd Apparition, January 1, 1976, St. Joseph's chapel; "Eighth day" "I will relieve the souls in Purgatory. My blood will cool their burns."
44th Apparition, January 2, 1976, St. Joseph's chapel; "Ninth Day" "I will rekindle the most hardened hearts, the frozen souls, those who wound My Heart most painfully."
Apparition 44A, December 10, 1976, St. Joseph's chapel; "I did not feel like I was taken to heaven as I do when Jesus appears to me." (see 47th Apparition)
45th Apparition, July 1, 1977, St. Joseph's chapel; "He gives His Grace to all those who listen to Him and blesses those who make His Message known and put it into practice."1
46th Apparition, December 2, 1977, St. Joseph's chapel; "Would you be so kind as to hand your manuscripts to the priest designated by the man."
47th Apparition, February 3, 1978, St. Joseph's chapel; "Satan has been seducing you." "You, Madeleine, who are the only visible sign of My Message, will not fall into error again."
48th Apparition, July 7, 1978, St. Joseph's chapel; "It is on this blessed and sacred mountain, site chosen by Him, that all things will be renewed."
49th Apparition, October 6, 1978, St. Joseph's Chapel; "For the third time, Madeleine, I ask you to be My Apostle by accomplishing the task which I asked of you. Do not be afraid. You will be hated because of Me. But afterward, sons of Light will spring up from this town."
50th Apparition, August 6, 1982 "...Saint Michael, the Archangel: `...Because of the disobedience of priests, Jesus gives His Grace to all who make His Message known.'"2


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1 Canon 759: "By virtue of their Baptism and Confirmation, lay people are, by word and action of their Christian life, witnesses of the evangelical message. They can also be called to cooperate with the bishop and priests in the exercise of the ministry of the Word." Code of Canon Law promulgated by Pope John Paul II, January 25, 1983. return.

2 The first priest authorized to preach was St. Augustine in the 4th century in Hippo, Algeria (now Bone). The first deacon authorized to preach was St. Francis of Assisi, in the 12th century. It is the Vatican Council II document "Apostolicam actuositatem", dated November 18, 1965, which permits the laity "a more intense and widespread apostolate" (Pope Paul VI and the Bishops of the Council)


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