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"Mercy, My God" "The Glorious Cross must be comparable

in its vertical dimension (738 meters) to the city of Jerusalem.

It must be very bright"

Friday, October 5, 1973, 7 p.m.

As He had the last time, The Lord appeared where the Blessed Sacrament was exposed.

Jesus took the place of the Most Blessed Sacrament. I no longer saw the altar nor the Blessed Sacrament. The light had taken its place.

Jesus appeared quite close to me, slightly above the ground. His Feet were resting on a flat stone beside a few pebbles. His right Foot was forward and uncovered, almost to the ankle; His left Foot was hidden by His robe, so I could only see the tips of His toes. His dazzlingly white robe was held at the waist with a cord; the neck opening was round and gathered, but the neck was a little loose. The sleeves were quite wide, like those of an alb; it slipped over the head.

Rather long hair fell on His shoulders. His Hands and Face were very bright. Or, as the Lord said: "His Hands and His Face shine like the Sun", and that describes it exactly. All of this was wonderful.

I emphasize the sentence, His look was Love and Kindness, because I got it from Jesus. He told me that Himself.

He smiled at me, His hands extended as if to welcome me. I genuflected, I bowed, then I knelt down and made the sign of the Cross. I did it automatically, without Jesus having to tell me this time, but, without a doubt, He is the one who makes me do it. And I, no doubt, have to do it. I don't know if you understand me, but there are things that are difficult to explain.

Jesus stood for a moment without speaking. I just kept admiring this wonder; I was waiting for Him to say something. After a few moments, Jesus told me:

"Tell the people here to join you in saying the prayer I taught them, followed by a decade of the Rosary."

I passed on the Message. Just like the first time, the Lord dictated the Message to me very slowly, watching me all the while. I repeated each sentence after Him.

"Mercy, my God, on those who blaspheme You;

Forgive them, they know not what they do.

Mercy, my God, for the scandal in the world;

Deliver them from the spirit of Satan.

Mercy, my God, on those who run away from You;

Give them appreciation for the Holy Eucharist."

Jesus stopped for a moment and told me:

"He who does the Will of My Father and eats this Bread will live in this light eternally."

Then He continued:

"Mercy, my God, on those who come to repent at the foot of theGlorious Cross; may they find there Peace and Joy in God our Saviour."

"Mercy, my God, so that Your Kingdom may come, but save souls, there is still time; for the time is near, behold, I am coming.

Amen, come, Lord Jesus."

Jesus then said the decade of the Rosary with me. We said it together very slowly; I waited for each "Hail, Mary" in order to start with Him. It was so moving to say the Rosary with Jesus. I had never said it so slowly in my life. At the end of this decade, Jesus said to me:

"Lord, pour out on the whole world the treasures of Your Infinite Mercy."

I don't think I repeated this sentence, so absorbed was I in the splendor of Jesus' presence. I could stay and admire Him indefinitely, without saying anything, without asking Him anything. Besides, there isn't anything to ask. It was as if I had been nailed to the spot. Anything could have happened, even thunder, and I wouldn't have heard it. I wouldn't have moved, such was the splendor of His presence.

Besides, when Jesus is there, I am no longer on earth. I do not see or think about anything around me. It is a marvel for one's eyes and Spirit which cannot be explained. You really have to be there. There are no words to explain what I felt, even in the most poetic language.

For all those who doubt, I can affirm the existence of a world other than the one that you see.

The more marvelous one is the one you do not see; you can't even begin to imagine what it is like!

After the prayer, while still watching me, Jesus said to me:

"Say this aloud":

"The Glorious Cross, (at this point, He looked around the audience), erected on the High Butte must be comparable in its vertical dimension to the city of Jerusalem. Its arms must extend from East to West. It must be very bright."

In a very serious tone, Jesus told me :

"This is the Sign of the Son of Man."

Then, a few moments later:

"Have someone dig 100 meters from the site of the Glorious Cross, in the direction of its right arm, and water will flow from there. You will all come to wash there as a sign of purification."

Afterward, Jesus leaned toward me and said discreetly, without specifying that I should say it aloud - so I didn't tell the priest until Sunday :

"Always be joyful, do not lament over the general cataclysm of this generation, for all of this must happen. Then the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky. And the times of the Gentiles will be fulfilled. Everyone will strike his breast. Only after the evangelization of the entire world, will I return in Glory."

Jesus continued to look at me for a few more minutes. He smiled at me, then He disappeared.



"Dozulé is henceforth a blessed and sacred town"

Friday, November 2, 1973, 7 p.m. (Feast of All Souls)

The light appeared to me, then Jesus came as usual with his hands open. He smiled at me, then He raised His two arms as if on the Cross, and tilted His head slightly to the right as if He were about to be crucified, but His wounds were not there. Rather, I never saw His wounds.

He told me in a very serious tone:

"Dozulé is henceforth a blessed and sacred town.

You are living in the time of the last efforts of Evil against Christ. Satan has been released from his prison. He occupies the entire face of the Earth."

Jesus always talks to me very slowly. Today, His voice was very, very solemn. I was so sad seeing Him this way. He then told me:

"Gog and Magog, their number is incalculable.

No matter what happens, do not worry. All of them will be cast into the fire for eternity.

Happy those who give their hearts to the Supreme Being alone."

Afterward, Jesus lowered His arms and took up His normal position with His hands extended toward me. He smiled at me for a long while, then said to me:

"This message is for you:

Happy those who give their hearts to the Supreme Being alone, for My Father is Kindness alone. He forgives the greatest sinner in his last moment of life.

Tell those who are dying, repentant, that the greater the sin, the greater My Mercy. At the very moment the soul leaves the body, it stands in this splendid Light. Tell them that.

Words of Jesus."

He then gave me a very serious message for the Bishop, and a personal one for me which I must keep secret the rest of my life.

Then Jesus disappeared.

Friday, December 7, 1973

The first Friday of the month of December, I waited a long time. Then, at 7:45 p.m., I left the chapel. I had a heavy heart and tears in my eyes - Jesus did not come.

However, I know that even though I did not see Him, He was there. He is always with us, for all of us.

In our everyday life, Jesus is there, always present. But to see Him is so beautiful, so marvelous; that Light is so radiant!...and His Face, His look, His grandeur!...that majesty...all of that is of incomparable beauty. All of that is singular, nothing but singular, nothing...nothing but Jesus alone.

My Jesus, if you only knew how I love you - and He knows it.



"Why are you scared? Why do you doubt? I am here!"

Friday, January 4, 1974, 4:15 p.m.

I was so sorry that I was not able to attend Mass this morning, for it was at 8 o'clock and I had to get my children ready and drive them to school for 8:30.

At 9 o'clock, I went to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. I left around 11 o'clock to prepare a meal for my husband, my mother, and my two older children who come home for lunch at noon. I returned to the boarding school in the afternoon to do some ironing for the nuns. Between the two, I meant to visit the Blessed Sacrament.

At two o'clock, I arrived at the Chapel at St. Joseph's school. I stayed until 3 o'clock in adoration of Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. Then, I went to Sister Bruno's office to call the doctor to get an appointment for my oldest daughter. Instead of going back to my ironing, I felt compelled to stop at the chapel. It was almost as if someone were saying, "You have to go there". It is so beautiful, so peaceful to adore Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus is so happy!

I don't think I could have left my seat. I felt nailed to the spot. I think I could have stayed there indefinitely, I felt my spirit so united to Jesus.

But, time was passing without my realizing it.

Suddenly, I heard the church bells sound 4:15. I still had a decade of the Rosary to say before returning home, for my children would soon be home and I had to be there for them. They really like me to be home when they get back from school.

So, I was beginning my last decade of the Rosary when I suddenly fell into darkness. If you only knew how scared I was; I couldn't help but cry out. I must have called the priest to tell him, "I can't see any more", because I was in complete darkness. I felt helpless, my heart was beating so loud.

Then, I heard the priest come up to me and tell me in a very calm voice: "Don't be afraid. Be patient and wait a few minutes. It will pass."

I could see that he wasn't worried (I told myself it was easy for him to say, he wasn't in my place!). Then, he told Sister Margaret: "Quick, go find Sister Bruno."

When I heard someone come in, I thought it was Sister Bruno. I asked if it was she, and she answered: "Yes, it's me."

I asked her to drive me home. I was worried and wondered what was going to happen to me. I thought about my family and my children. Not to see any more! How sad I was, my God!

Jesus had told me, one day after a visit, that I would suffer for sinners, but He hadn't told me I would be blind. Jesus had told me what would happen to my body, and more importantly, that I would suffer a lot in spirit, but He hadn't told me to say anything about it. If I did say something, it was when I was scared, when I found myself in the dark.

At that hour of the afternoon, I didn't think it came from Jesus either; that wasn't His time, all the other times, He came at 7 o'clock.

After this terrible anguish (suddenly having both eyes and spirit thrown into the darkest of darkness), I was overcome with joy. Father said something to me as soon as he noticed it.

The sparkle had returned to my eyes; my fear and sadness turned into immense joy and indescribable peace.

I imagine it must be the same for someone suffering on one's deathbed; when the soul leaves the body, it doesn't suffer anymore; then, suddenly, it finds itself in this peacefulness, in this spiritual light; it is transfigured with Jesus.

I wasn't blind; in fact, I think I cried out: "No, I am not blind"; I had just discovered the Light. Yes, the Light appeared to me at the same place, in place of the Blessed Sacrament, seeming even more beautiful, more luminous, and more transparent than usual.

I knelt down right where I was, in the back of the chapel beside my chair. I think I must have been all smiles, I was so happy to be in the Light again...from the depths of darkness to the Light, and what Light, the most beautiful of Lights!

Then, Jesus appeared.

Jesus is so kind. He could have left me like this for the rest of my life. I was in His Hands; we are all in His Hands. He is the Master. He does what He wants with us. We really have to thank Him for all the graces He gives us.

If we see, if we hear, if we walk, if we are in good health, if we are happy, it is thanks to Him and Him alone. He can take all of this away from us in an instant.

But, if we suffer, if we have everyday worries, it is He, too, who allows it so that we will get to Heaven.

We have to offer everything to Jesus: our joys and our pains, and through Him, and with Him, we can put up with it all.

This time, Jesus had His right hand on His Heart and His left Arm hanging at His side. He smiled at me and said:

"Why are you afraid? Why do you doubt? I am here."

I told Jesus: "Lord, I was scared. I thought I was going blind"

(I think I said that out loud).

Then, Jesus told me:

"Tell them that all men on this Earth feel that way in the dark."

So, I repeated this out loud. Then, Jesus said:

"Kiss the ground three times as penance for lack of faith."

So, I did as He asked. Then, slowly Jesus lifted His Hand from His Heart and extended it toward me to signal me to come forward. At the same time, He told me:

"Come up here and bow."

So, I went up from the back of the chapel to the altar, to Jesus. I was very close to Him. I bowed as Jesus had taught me.

Jesus had put His Hand over His Heart once again. I knelt down close to Him, and He said:

"Be so kind as to repeat this:

"Ecce Dominus Noster cum virtute veniet et illuminabit oculos servorum Suorum. Laetamini, laetamini in Domino, laetamini cum Magdalena. Paratum cor ejus: 'Speravi in Domino, ut se simplicitas prodit amabilis.' "(Our Lord will come with power and enlighten the eyes of His servants. Rejoice in the Lord, rejoice with Madeleine.Her heart is ready : "My hope was in the Lord, so that loving simplicity would reflect Him")

Jesus said these sentences very slowly to me in the order that I just wrote them down. Then, He told me:

"Each time that you return to your place after each Eucharist, place your left hand on your heart and your right hand crossed on top of it."

Jesus assumed that position as He explained it to me. I imitated it.

Jesus smiled at me for a few moments, then He disappeared.

I kept my hands in place until I got back to my seat.

The first Friday of February, 1974

Jesus did not appear.



"Rejoice, for the time is near when the Son of Man

will return in Glory"

March 1st, 1974, 3:40 p.m.

(The priest, three nuns, and four ladies are present in the chapel.)

Here is the Light.

Jesus appeared in the same place and, as usual, with his hands extended toward me in welcome. He smiled at me, raised His eyes to Heaven with a serious, far-away look, and said to me:

"Be so kind as to repeat this."

He raised His arms in the form of the Cross, but higher.

Jesus said each sentence very slowly to me and I repeated them one after the other:

"Ecce cujus imperii Nomen est in aeternum. Quae videt Me, videt et Patrem Meum. Magdalena! Annuntiate virtutes ejus qui vos de tenebris in admirabile Lumen Suum vocavit. Nolite timere, Deum benedicite, et cantate Illi." (This is He whose Name reigns Eternal. She who sees Me also sees My Father. Madeleine! Announce the wonders of Him who has called you from darkness into His marvelous Light. Do not fear, bless the Lord and sing for Him.)

Jesus continued:

"I am the Light of the world and the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not understood it."

"Penance, penance, penance. Kiss the ground three times as penance for the lack of faith in the world."

Then, Jesus took His normal position:

"Today, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man, risen from the dead, visites me for the eighth time.

His hands and His Face are as radiant as the Sun, His clothing is dazzling white, and His look is one of Love and Kindness.

Love your neighbor as I love you, may your regard for one another be filled with love and kindness.

Kiss one person here out of love and charity."

I gave a kiss to the first person there; Sister Mary of the Assumption, Mother Superior of Blon.

Afterward, Jesus added:

"This gesture is a sign of love and reconciliation for the entire world.

'Rejoice, Mary', said the Archangel Gabriel at the Conception of the Son of Man."

And, in a solemn tone:

"In truth, I tell you, it is the same today. "Rejoice, for the time is near when the Son of Man will return in Glory.

"Rejoice, rejoice in the Lord without ceasing. May your joy be known to all men because of the words you have just heard, because of My Name."

Then, a few moments later:

"May each of you, in the silence of your heart, ask God for the grace that you desire; this very day, it will be given to you."

I remained in silence for a few moments. I listened to the very solemn words Jesus had told me. I didn't dare repeat them because of their serious nature. I thought that only the priests should know, for Jesus said to me:

"Tell the Church that it is to renew its message of PEACE to the entire world, for the hour is grave. Satan is leading the world and seducing minds, making them capable of destroying mankind in a matter of minutes.

If mankind does not oppose him, I will let him act and it will be a disaster, such as has never been seen since the Flood, and that before the end of the century.

All those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross will be saved.

Satan will be destroyed and there will remain only Peace and Joy."

Then, Jesus disappeared.



"The Glorious Cross will atone for all sin"

Friday, April 5, 1974, 3:40 p.m.

At the chapel of St. Joseph's, the halo of light appeared where the monstrance was. Then, I saw Jesus with His hands extended toward me in welcome. I admired Him for a long while - it was just so wonderful. He was smiling at me.

I said out loud to Him : "If you are Christ, why don't I ever see Your wounds?" (The priest had bid me ask Him this).

He continued to smile at me. What inexplicable gentleness I felt at that moment. I felt as if I were no longer on Earth.

Jesus raised His right hand over me and said:

"Peace be with you."

"Say this aloud."

Jesus took up His normal position once more and, no longer smiling,

"Jesus asks : Why are you disturbed? Why do these ideas cross your mind?

You, priests who are entrusted with accomplishing what I ask, is it easier to cry 'miracle', seeing water gush forth from a mountain than to hear the Lord's servant pronounce words that she doesn't know?

Men of little faith, remember My Words."

(Jesus' voice was harsh:)

"Those who come in My Name will speak languages unknown to them."

After a moment's silence, and without indicating that I was to repeat it:

"Have no doubt. Get up, touch My Hands."

I got up. Jesus put His left Hand out to me, then the right. So, I took each Hand in the two of mine. He told me:

"Doubt no more. A spirit has no hands and no flesh."

I went back to my place, kneeling in front of Him, and He said:

"Tell them this" (I repeated out loud):

"Doubt no more. It is indeed the risen Jesus that I see today for the seventh time. I have just touched His hands."

Then, I asked: "Lord, where do we have to dig in order to get water?" Jesus answered me :

"The Glorious Cross must be erected on the High Butte, on the extreme outskirts of Dozulé, at the exact place where the fruit tree is, the tree of sin, for the Glorious Cross will atone for all sin.

Its arms must extend from East to West. Each arm must measure 123 meters and its height six times more. It is from these 123 meters, the spot occupied by the Cross, that the 100 meters must be measured.

Then, have a basin dug 2 meters by 1.5 meters and 1 meter deep. Make an enclosure. Water will come from it."

Then, Jesus added:

"If your heart is dry, there will be little water and few will be saved."

Then, He said:

"Vos amici Mei estis si feceritis quae Ego praecipio vobis, dixit Dominus." (You are my friends if you do what I teach you, says the Lord).

Jesus added:

"Place your left hand over your heart and your right one on top of the left."

Then, Jesus disappeared and I returned to my seat like that. If you only knew how happy I was. For the first time since I had seen Jesus, I wanted to cry out in joy. I told the priest and someone else going out of the chapel.

"Jesus is really alive. I touched His hands. They are hands of flesh like ours. They are warm. It was wonderful."

Jesus is really living, risen, in the flesh. I cried from the joy of it, a marvelous joy which floods my spirit. I wanted to sing, but instead I asked everyone to sing the Magnificat because I was so overwhelmed.

We must obey our priests and Bishops. I was ordered by them not to say anything; that is what held me back. Otherwise, I would have shouted out my joy to everyone to give Jesus' joy to all who doubt.(5)

Good Friday, April 12, 1974

In the afternoon, after Sister Bruno made an agreement with the owner of the meadow, three men dug the basin. It was cold and during the dig, Sister Bruno heated coffee for the volunteers on an alcohol heater in the bottom of the basin...



"Hurry to have the Glorious Cross erected in its place"

Friday, May 3, 1974, 5:10 p.m.- 5:25 p.m.

The light appeared, then Jesus presented Himself with His hands extended toward me to welcome me. He was smiling at me. I was so happy that I could have stayed in His presence indefinitely. He said:

"Say this aloud:

The priest is right, that bent tree is the symbol of sin.

Pull it up before the fruit appears, and hurry to have the Glorious Cross erected in its place, for the Glorious Cross will atone for all sin."

A moment later, Jesus put His arms together on His chest. He looked at me sadly and I saw two tears flow from His eyes. I cried at that point to see Jesus so sad. He told me:

"Woe to all mankind if there is no water (6) in this basin within fifty days of its completion, for Satan is preventing the purification of the greatest number of people. Remember My Words. I will allow him to act because of lack of faith."

A moment later:

"Tell the Church to send the Messages throughout the entire world and to hurry to have the Glorious Cross erected at the indicated location with a Sanctuary at its base. Everyone will come there to repent and will find Peace and Joy. The Glorious Cross, or the Sign of the Son of Man, is the announcement of the imminent return in Glory of Jesus, risen from the dead.

When this Cross is raised from the ground, I will draw everything to Me."

Afterward, Jesus said:

"Find eleven people in this blessed and sacred town. They will be My disciples. They will go from door to door in My Name, collecting for the construction of the Glorious Cross.

Here are the commandments which each disciple must respect:

- Work until the Glorious Cross is raised;

- Be humble, patient, and charitable so that people will recognize you as My disciples;

- Do not seek any personal gain, only that of having the Glorious Cross raised, for all men who come there to repent will be saved."

Afterward, Jesus told me, without indicating that I should repeat it:

"Tell the priest that I am visiting you for the seventeenth time, for the Glorious Cross is also Jesus, risen from the dead."

Then, Jesus disappeared (7).



"I am Michael, the Archangel"

"I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man

risen from the dead"

"Ask for a candle. Light it and set it down.

"May all who come into this chapel do the same"

Friday, May 31, 1974, 9:45 a.m.- 10:05 a.m.

I wasn't expecting a visit from Jesus since this wasn't the first Friday of the month.

But every morning, after driving the children to school, I go to the chapel to visit Jesus. Then, the priest gives me Communion.

This morning of May 31st, I went to the chapel as I would on any other day. The priest had not yet given me Communion when Sister Bruno came to look for him to see someone who was sick. This sick individual lived right next door and the priest told me: "I don't think I'll be long. I'll give you Communion when I come back."

So, at that moment, I was left alone in the chapel. Suddenly, I saw the halo of Light appear as usual right where the tabernacle is. The halo was wider and seemed not as high as at other times. I was alone and the Light seemed to be waiting for someone. I ran to the refectory adjoining the chapel. I told J., an employee, to go right away to look for Sister Bruno, whom I thought would be in class at that time.

I quickly returned to the chapel in front of the Light which was still there, but alone. I knelt down; at that very instant, someone appeared, but it wasn't Jesus.

When Sister Bruno arrived, I told her: "There is someone there, but it isn't Jesus. It's someone I don't know."

This time, I really felt like I was in the chapel, whereas the other times I felt like I was transported somewhere else. When Sister Bruno entered, I heard her clearly whereas on the other occasions, I didn't hear or see anything at all, so absorbed was I by the vision of Jesus.

This unknown person was holding a kind of banner, at the top of which was a small cross; both the cross and the pole were the same color and shined like gold. Below the cross was a cloth standard which seemed to carry three words; I could only read the first and last, "QUIS...DEUS". The lower end of the pole carried a point in the form of a lance or a pike. The individual looked like a soldier with short, curly hair. His tunic was short, his right hand was holding the middle of the pole, and there was a strap of some sort tight around his calves.

Since he was looking at me, I asked him: "Who are you?"

He answered me:

"I greet you." (He nodded to me.)

"I am Michael, the Archangel. It is God who has sent me.

You will see the mysteries of the Redeemer and you will repeat each sentence one after the other as I dictate them to you."

I told him: "If it is God who sent you, I will obey you."

The Archangel was still there when he told me:

"Per Mysterium Sanctae Incarnationis Tuae (8). (Through the Mystery of Your Holy Incarnation.)

At that moment, he disappeared.

Then, I saw someone dressed completely in white, on his knees. I thought it was an Angel. He was looking at a beautiful young girl with a scarf on her head. At the sight of the Angel, she nodded, bowed her head, and put her hands over her heart one after the other in the same fashion the Lord had taught me. I particularly noticed that same gesture which impressed me. A few moments later, everything faded.

Then, I saw the Archangel again who told me:

"Per Nativitatem Tuam." (Through Your Nativity.)

The Archangel disappeared.

I then saw a baby in a wicker cradle or on straw shaped like a cradle; a lot of people around in long robes seemed to be looking at Him and admiring Him...then, everything faded.

I saw the Archangel again in the same spot (rather, I thought he was still there, for I didn't notice him any more doubtlessly due to the importance of the living tableau that he was showing me). He told me:

"Per Baptismum et Sanctum Jejunium Tuum."

(Through Your Baptism and Holy Fasting.)

The Archangel disappeared from my eyes and I saw Jesus, accompanied by a tall man, but not as tall as Jesus. He was dressed in some sort of cape of short-haired fur.

I saw water flowing like a river and this man poured some of it over the head of Jesus. He held a pan by the handle, took water from the river, and poured it over the head of Jesus.

A few moments later, Jesus climbed up a path and sat down when He got to the top. He joined His hands, raised His eyes to Heaven as if to pray, then everything faded.

I saw the Archangel again who said:

"Per crucem et Passionem Tuam."

(Through Your Cross and Passion.)

The Archangel disappeared and I saw Jesus carrying on His right shoulder a cross which seemed very heavy. He carried it with great difficulty, walking in the middle of the path.

On each side of this path, a crowd of people seemed to be laughing. Some raised their hands as if to throw something at Him.

Jesus did not fall despite the weight of His Cross, and I was surprised at that; several times, I thought He was going to collapse on the roadway. Poor Jesus.

Then, the image faded.

The Archangel made another appearance and told me:

"Per Mortem et Sepulturam Tuam."

(Through Your Death and Burial.)

I saw Jesus on the Cross, stripped to the waist and looking dead, with His head forward, and a large wound on His right side with a trickle of coagulated blood, I think, underneath.

Three people were at the foot of the Cross, one standing on each side, and looking sadly at the Face of Jesus. The person in the middle was on her knees at His feet, embracing the foot of the Cross with her two hands and seeming to want to kiss His feet.

I felt my tears flow. Jesus' feet were set on a wooden support.

The image faded and I saw the Archangel again who told me:

"Per Sanctam Resurrectionem Tuam."

(Through Your Holy Resurrection.)

At that moment, I saw Jesus alive again.

I was overcome with a marvelous joy. He appeared like He had the first time, the evening of December 27, 1972, smiling with His hands extended toward me as if to welcome me. It seemed as if I were seeing Him for the first time.

After seeing Him dead on the Cross, I saw Him alive - Jesus alive, raised from the dead.

He told me:

"I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man risen from the dead.

Look at My wounds."

With His right hand, He released the right side of His robe (even though it appeared to have no opening).

I then saw a large wound which had no blood.

On the back of His right hand, I noticed a small hole.

I also noticed a hole in the palm of His left hand which He held out to me, and a hole in each of His feet.

Afterward, Jesus said to me:

"Come up and touch My Side."

I got up, reached out my right hand, and with my index and middle fingers, touched the edge of His wound which seemed deep.

I was very moved and I said: "Lord, you have suffered so much for us."

I was sad at the thought that Jesus had suffered so much for the world, for the sin of the world, for the ingratitude of the world, for all of us poor sinners.

I got down on my knees again, and Jesus took up His usual stance, that is, with His hands extended toward me. His robe was back in place.

Then, Jesus told me:

"Say this aloud":

Jesus dictated one sentence after another to me and I repeated each one.

"Jesus asks that the prayer He taught you be announced to the entire world.

"He asks that the Glorious Cross and the Sanctuary be erected for the end of the Holy Year, for this will be the last Holy Year."

"That each year a solemn feast be celebrated on the day when Madeleine saw the Cross for the first time.

"All those who come, full of confidence, to repent here will be saved in this life and for eternity.

Satan will have no more power over them."

A few moments later, in a very serious tone:

"In truth, I tell you, My Father has sent Me to save you and to give you Peace and Joy.

Know that I am Love and Compassion."

Then, He added:

"This is the end of My Message."

Jesus was still there when the Archangel, without making an appearance, told me the following, which I repeated:

"Per Admirabilem Ascensionem Tuam."

(Through Your Admirable Ascension.)

At that moment, Jesus raised His hand over me and said to me:

"Peace be with you and with all who come to you."

Jesus lowered His hand. Then I saw Him ascend, slowly and gracefully, and disappear.

I saw the Archangel again who told me:

"Per Adventum Spiritus Sancti Paracliti."

(Through the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.)

This time, the Archangel did not disappear, but stayed and told me:

"Jesus has just left you.

His Message is over, but you will see Him again."

He added this, which I repeated:

"Per cujus imperii Nomen est in aeternum, ab omni malo libera nos Domine."

Without indicating that I should repeat it, the Archangel added:

"This means: Through Him whose Name reigns eternal, deliver us from all evil, Lord."


"Say this aloud:

God reproaches the priests for their slowness in accomplishing their task and for their incredulity. God asked them to announce to the world the wonders of the One who called Madeleine from darkness into His marvelous Light, for the Glorious Cross will beautify the town of Dozulé. They have not done that. This is the reason that there is no water in the basin.

A great calamitous drought will fall upon the entire world. The priests must read the Message attentively and scrupulously respect what has been asked of them."

"Ask the person present for a candle."

I turned around and asked Sister Bruno if she would give me a candle.

When I had it, the Archangel told me:

"Light it and set it down on the spot where Christ just left you. May all who come into this chapel do the same."

A moment later:

"You have all day to tell the priest and the people who want to hear you; you will remember and they will be surprised by your memory.

Have the priest find one person to read the Message to him three times and then, to repeat it: the individual will not be able to."

The Archangel looked at me and said:

"Write what I am going to tell you as soon as you get home. You will give this written message to the priest the moment he tells you: 'I have a meeting at the Bishopric the week of the Sacred Heart.'

Make a novena beginning on the feast of the Sacred Heart.

This novena is made up of one mystery a day, the mysteries which you were taught.

Afterward, go see the Bishop. You will tell him that it is God who has sent you. Give him the entire Message so that he is made aware of it. The doors will open and the heart of the Bishop will melt."

So, I kept this written message carefully with me, waiting for the priest to voice the prescribed statement.

The Lord does things so well: Wednesday, June 12, the priest came to the house to tell me: "I have an appointment at the Bishopric next week."

I told him: "That's the week of the Sacred Heart." He answered me: "Gee, I don't know..." "I'm certain of it..." " - Why?.." So, I immediately handed him the message the Archangel had dictated to me, for it was during the week of the Sacred Heart that the priest had an appointment at the Bishopric.

Afterward, we made a novena together at the chapel. We started on the feast of the Sacred Heart, just as the Archangel had requested.

This novena was to end Saturday of the following week, and the Archangel had said: "Afterward, go see the Bishop."

I wanted to go, not the next day because it was Sunday, but the day after. I felt carried away; something was pushing me. I had no way of getting there (I think I would have taken my moped), but I had to go. God wanted me to, as He had told me through the Archangel. He had had him tell me. An inexplicable impetus gave me the strength to go to the bishopric with my complete message.

My disappointment was so great when the priest told me: "But one doesn't go see the Bishop just like that; I have to make an appointment. Then, the Bishop might not be there, or he might not let you in. You have to obey, we must always obey."

My enthusiasm was so great - the priest stifled it when he said: "You have to obey."

However, I felt like disobeying, for I knew that God had given me this impetus to go see the Bishop and to bring him the message God had given me.

I tell you, did I ever cry over it; it was a real hardship.

But, I obeyed the priest.

Yet, I was certain that the Bishop would let me in, that the doors would be opened to me.

But, to please men, I disobeyed God. I think that God is reproaching me for it.

First Friday of June: Jesus did not appear.



"Jesus appeared, but did not say anything"

Friday, July 5, 1974

Jesus appeared, but did not say anything.

Friday, July 19, 1974

Water was discovered in the basin (much later than 50 days after the warning of May 3rd...)



"Come here in procession, everyone, and do not be afraid to wash. This water is not a spring.

It is water which seeps from the ground"

Saturday, August 3, 1974

I was in my garden to see if my laundry was dry. Going back up to the house, I heard a voice quite far off, coming from the site of the Cross:

"It is Michael, the Archangel. Listen to me."

I knelt down, facing the direction of the voice:

"Tell the priest to have the three sides of the basin coated, but not the bottom. On the fourth side, widthwise, have only the 25 centimeters at the end of that side coated, then have three steps made.

"Come here in procession, everyone, and do not be afraid to wash in this dust-filled water, for know that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. But your soul will be purified.

"This water is not a spring. It is water that seeps from the ground.

"Happy is he who comes to purify himself here without fear of dirtying himself."



"Do not mourn"

Friday, September 6, 1974, in the chapel

I saw the halo of Light. Sister Margaret Mary was alone with me and I said out loud: "There is the Light." My joy was so great when I saw the Light appear that I couldn't help but cry out.

Then, to the left of the Blessed Sacrament (or rather, to the left in that Light), Michael the Archangel appeared as usual and told me:

"I greet you."

I knelt down in front of him, a little to the left of the Blessed Sacrament, but he said:

"Do not prostrate yourself before me, but before Him whom you have come to adore."

So, I got up and knelt down in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

At that moment, I saw luminous rays shooting out of the Host; they looked as if they were alive and regenerated themselves continually from the Host, as if from a source of light (it's difficult to explain).

Saint Michael, who was still there, standing back a little bit to the left, said to me:

"Do not mourn over the eyes of little David (9). If God wanted it this way, it is because he is not the one with his eyes closed, but his parents whose eyes are closed to the Light of Faith.

Light a candle and set it down on the spot where the Lord left you last time."

The entire time that the Archangel was talking to me, the Sacred Host never stopped sending out its luminous rays. Then everything disappeared.

First Friday of October, 1974

Jesus did not appear.


(5) The first edition of messages by Gérard Cordonnier noted (_k): "Friday, April 5, 1974, the following was dictated "each ARM must measure 123 m and its height 6 times more = 738 m". 3 projects for the Cross were drawn with beam widths of 21 m, 42 m, 60 m." Return.

(6) The water came 77 days later on July 19, 1974. Return.

(7) The priest and Madeleine had climbed the High Butte together to locate the site of the Cross. They were aided by electric lights pointed toward the sky. Madeleine stayed at the window where she had seen the Cross six times and directed the priest who went up the High Butte. He ended up at the top in an area marked off by a ditch which marks the boundary of Dozulé. He still had to find the exact spot where the Lord was asking to have the Cross erected. The priest thought that it could very possibly be at the spot where there was a bent apple tree. But, he wasn't sure and didn't sleep all night. Here, Jesus confirms that the priest's intuition was right. The basin had been dug by counting off 223 meters on a rope tied to the trunk of the apple tree. For the water which hadn't come, they made a novena after Pentecost. One night, Madeleine and Sister M. both dreamed that water had appeared in the basin, of which they informed the priest the next morning. His response, "What beautiful dreams you have, Sister." He had verified, the evening before, that there was no water in the basin. All the same, Madeleine went up the High Butte and discovered that there was indeed water there, and a lot of it: about a foot deep (30 cm). When questioned, the weather station responded that there had been no rain the night before, and that such an amount of water could not have been brought by rain, anyway. Return.

(8) The Latin texts of Rogation litany (or litany of Saints) from Ascension Thursday to Pentecost Sunday. Return.

(9) Little David, Madeleine and Roland's grandson. Return.


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