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"After these days of trial,

then the Son of Man Himself will appear in the sky"

Friday, November 1, 1974 - Feast of All Saints

Today, I went to Mass at the church at 8 a.m.

Around 3:30 p.m., I returned for an hour of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

My husband gave me permission to go to Benediction this evening; I never go, for at that hour, it isn't easy what with the family meal that I cannot leave. But my little Ghislaine, who hadn't been to Mass for All Saints' Day, came to Benediction with me at 8 p.m.

At the very moment the priest raised the monstrance for Benediction, the halo of Light took shape as usual, in place of the Blessed Sacrament.

Just like the last time, I didn't see anyone. I did not see Jesus, but the Host was sparkling with rays.

I heard:

"Say this aloud": (I repeated out loud.)

"Dicite in nationibus": (Tell the nations.)

"Tell the nations that God has spoken through the mouth of His servant. He revealed to her that the Great Tribulation was near, for she saw the Sign of the Son of Man which rose out of the East and flashed instantaneously in the West.

The Sign of the Son of Man is the Cross of the Lord.

I tell you in truth, the time has come for the world to repent, for a universal change is near, such as has never been since the beginning of the world, nor will be again.

When the calamitous drought predicted falls upon the whole world, only the basin that God had you dig will contain water, not for consumption, but for washing yourselves as a sign of purification.

And you will all come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross that God has asked the Church to erect.

Then, at that moment, all of the nations of the earth will mourn, and it is at this Cross that they will find Peace and Joy.

After these days of trial, the Son of Man Himself will appear in the sky, with great majesty and power, to gather the elect from the four corners of the Earth.

Happy the repentant, for they will have Eternal life.

In truth, I say to you, the heavens and the Earth will pass away, but My Words will not pass."

At the end, before leaving me, the Lord told me, without indicating that I should repeat it out loud:

"Tell them that there will be no other sign than the Sign of God Himself.

The only visible Sign is the attitude of His servant and her words which are the Words of God, and these Words are irrefutable.

If man does not erect the Cross, I will make it appear, but there will be no more time."

Then, the Light disappeared.



"The Lord appeared to me...He didn't say anything to me"

Friday, February 14, 1975, 3 p.m. - First Friday of Lent

I went to the chapel to place a candle there, as on other Fridays. After a few moments of adoration, the Lord appeared to me as usual, preceded by a halo of Light.

He didn't say anything to me.

I stayed in adoration for about ten minutes, then everything disappeared.

After this apparition, I had the feeling that Jesus would come back every Friday in Lent. I was alone in the chapel.



"Tell the priest that it is in the Name of God

and through Him that you have prophesied"

Friday, February 21, 1975, 3 p.m.

I went to the chapel at 3 p.m. The priest was there.

At 3:10, the Lord appeared to me; He was smiling at me, then He said in a serious tone:

"Tell the priest that it is in the Name of God and through Him that you have prophesied. Then, have him take the Message to those entrusted with its fulfillment, with confidence and humility, for there is little time left to do what I have asked."

He smiled at me and I said to Him: "What joy for me to see You again. How many more times will I see You?"

He smiled at me for a long while but did not respond, and after a few moments, everything disappeared.



"This generation is the most hypocritical and the most evil"

Friday, February 28, 1975, 3 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

The halo of Light took shape and Jesus appeared as usual, but with His hands hanging alongside His body. He smiled at me, put His left hand on His chest, and raised His right hand as if to give a blessing. His Face was full of kindness, and His eyes and facial expression showed great gentleness. After a few moments, He told me:

"Tell the priest: I want to pour My mercy into human hearts, first on those who know the Message, and afterward on the entire world.

"May those entrusted with having the Glorious Cross raised not be blind, for there will be no Sign other than that of this prophet who was called from darkness into the Light.

"In truth, there will be no other Sign, for this generation is the most hypocritical and the most evil."

Before leaving me, Jesus lowered His hands and arms alongside His body, smiled at me, and disappeared.



"This blessed and sacred town will be protected..."

"Be humble, but do not accept any help for yourself"

Friday, March 7, 1975, 4 p.m. in the chapel

The Light appeared, then Jesus, who smiled at me and said:

"Tell the priest (at that moment, He looked at the priest) that this town, which is blessed and sacred, will be protected from every calamity; in particular, every home where the prayer that I taught is said every day, followed by a decade of the Rosary."

Afterward, the Lord stopped looking in the direction of the priest. He looked at me, reached His hands out towards me (the right hand closer to me, so I could see the palm) and told me:

"It is to you that I am addressing myself."

(He smiled at me; how happy that made me!)

"Be humble, but do not accept any help for yourself.

"You have nothing to expect from this world, but your joy will be immense in the next."

Jesus lowered His hands and everything disappeared.

The priest told me how long each of the apparitions lasted. I don't realize the passing time. After the apparition, I have the impression that I have not gotten any older.

Afterward, it seems to me that I come back to earth and into the dark.



"Persevere, Madeleine, in prayer, fasting, and abstinence"

Friday, March 14, 1975, 3 p.m.

Here is the Light.

The Lord appeared, His right hand on His chest, the other hanging alongside His body.

He smiled at me and said, without indicating that I should repeat out loud:

"Persevere, Madeleine, in prayer, fasting, and abstinence.

"Persevere without fear of the mocking and slander which will be directed against you, for few have faith in the words which have come from your mouth, but the priest can witness that the Invisible Presence is reflected on your face.

"After these days of fasting, you will be entrusted with a difficult task."

I was a little bit afraid of this task and I told the Lord: "But, what if I cannot fulfill this task?"

Jesus answered me:

"If I give you a task to fulfill, it is because you will be able to fulfill it."

Before leaving me, Jesus told me:

"Cross your hands over your heart as I taught you."

Jesus smiled at me and disappeared.

His look is full of kindness and inexpressible gentleness. No one has a look like that, serene, more serene than that of a child. His Face is without wrinkles, yet his features are well-defined. He seems to be about thirty years old. Upon seeing him, one has the impression that He is Flesh and Spirit at the same time, and what Spirit! Purity, Serenity, Holiness shine through His whole Body.

When He speaks, He doesn't look for words, never makes a mistake, never hesitates...pure and clear as the Cross that I saw, brightness without shadow, crispness without wrinkle, purity without stain.

Impossible to define, as impossible to express as my interior joy at the time of the Communion when I felt His presence for the first time.



"Begin a novena tomorrow"

Friday, March 21, 1975, 3:30 p.m.

Jesus appeared as usual, His hands extended toward me in welcome, and said:

"Begin a novena tomorrow to prepare yourself for the task which I am going to ask of you. This novena is made up of one mystery per day, followed by the prayer that I taught you and a decade of the Rosary.

Say it with reverence and humility."

I asked Him: "Lord, when will You let me know what the task is that I will have to fulfill?"

Jesus answered me:

"Good Friday."

Then He smiled at me and disappeared.



"It is by the Glorious Cross, which is the Sign of the Son of Man,

that the world will be saved"

Good Friday, March 28, 1975 - at the parish church in Dozulé

I knew that our Lord was going to visit me this day, since
He had told me:

"You will know the task that I am asking of you on Good Friday."

There was a blanket of snow on Dozulé this morning.

I went to the chapel in the morning. I ran into the priest who told me: "Are you going to the chapel? The Blessed Sacrament is not at the chapel today, but at the church."

So, I went to the church at about 11 o'clock. The Lord did not appear.

I returned to the church for the Stations of the Cross at 3 o'clock - still, nothing. Then, in the afternoon at around 5 o'clock, the Lord still did not come. I dreaded that evening a little bit because of the large attendance that there would be.

But, I returned to the church at about 8:30 p.m. There were about fifty people assembled in the church to participate in the celebration of the Passion.

Suddenly, from my seat, I noticed the Light as it appears to me before each apparition, not at the tabernacle of the main altar, but at the back of the church in a reserve tabernacle used to hold the Eucharist on Good Friday.

The Lord appeared as usual, His hands extended toward me.

I knelt down and the Lord said:

"Say this aloud: "Why do you cry over the death of Jesus Crucified, when today He is living among you?

Pray, rather, for those who persecute Him today even more than yesterday."


"Move back three steps. Repeat what I dictate to you, with your arms crossed."

At this point, Jesus crossed His hands. He raised His eyes to Heaven as if to pray. His eyes were solemn and sad; I felt His sadness. I repeated out loud every sentence He dictated to me, one after the other:

"Mercy, My God, on those who blaspheme You.

Forgive them, they know not what they do.

Mercy, My God, for the scandal in the world.

Deliver them from the spirit of Satan.

Mercy, My God, on those who, today even more than yesterday, persecute You. Pour Your Mercy into human hearts."

Then, Jesus lowered His hands. At that moment, I saw a globe on which He had set His feet.

He reached out His hands quite high toward the audience.

From the palms of each of His hands came white and red rays.

Our Lord watched the audience during all of this. He told me:

"Tell them this (which I repeated out loud):

Know that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death, that His Reign is Eternal, and that He is coming to conquer the world and time."

I was overcome with joy; I felt that the Lord had dominion over the Earth.

It seemed to me that He was coming in Power and in Glory, because the globe that was under His feet was the Earth.

Afterward, He said these words to me which I repeated out loud:

"It is by the Glorious Cross that Madeleine saw on this day three years ago, it is by the Glorious Cross which is the Sign of the Son of Man, that the world will be saved.

Jesus asks you at this moment, while He is in our presence, to go in procession to the site where the Glorious Cross appeared.

Go repent there and you will find Peace and Joy.

Jesus asks that each year a solemn feast be celebrated on this day."

"Notum fecit Dominus a Magdalena Salutem Suam."

("The Lord has made His Salvation known through Madeleine.")

Then, Jesus told me:

"Write what I am going to tell you as soon as you get home."

He addressed Himself to me personally, for I did not repeat it out loud.

At that moment, Jesus looked at me, smiled, then reached His right hand out toward me.

The Earth disappeared along with the rays which up until that point had been streaming from His hands.

His look was so gentle. He said to me:

"You have been chosen, Madeleine, to be the reflection of My love.

It is for this reason that you have been completely set on fire with it.

After this glorious day, would you be so kind as to carry out an important task?"

I said out loud: "May Your will be done", and this is what Jesus said:

"Have the prayer that I taught you written out three hundred twenty times, and be My apostle.

Go tell each home in this town, even to the very outskirts, that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death, that His Reign is Eternal, and that He is coming to conquer the world and time."

Afterward He told me:

"Say this aloud:

"You live in the times when each event is the sign of the written Word."

Then, without indicating that I had to repeat it out loud:

"I want them to say the prayer, followed by a decade of the Rosary, each day.

Each home which says it with great confidence will be protected from every cataclysm, and then I will pour My Mercy into their hearts.

If anyone asks you who sent you, tell them that it is Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man risen from the dead.

Remember, do not be afraid of the humiliations, slander, and mocking which will be leveled against you. You will be hated because of My Name, but persevere to the end.

If you want, take someone along with you.

You have all the time you need to accomplish this task. Your home must not suffer from it, for this last Holy Year will not end until the Glorious Cross is raised. But, those who are entrusted with its construction must hurry, for the time is near. Do not return to any homes whose doors have been closed to you."

"Say this aloud", (Jesus told me):

"Sin came into the world because of man. That is why I am asking
man to have the
Glorious Cross erected."

Tell them that afterward, I will return in Glory, and you will see
Me as My servant
sees Me."

Then, Jesus disappeared.

I got up and found myself in the church. When I turned around and saw the congregation with all eyes turned toward me, I didn't dare go back to my seat. The priest signaled to me to come sit on the aisle.

When I returned home, I had full intention of writing down what the Lord had asked me to write, but my entire family was there. I could see that it was impossible for me to write it down and I was afraid I would forget it later. But, all of a sudden, everyone got up and went to bed. Just my two youngest children, Ghislaine and Bruno stayed. So, I succeeded in writing what Jesus had dictated to me, and the next day, I turned it over to the priest (10).



"Tell the priest:

'I want everyone to know the Message'"

Friday, April 11, 1975, 3 p.m.

At 3 o'clock, I went to the chapel to adore the Lord and to light a candle.

I was alone. The Light appeared to me and suddenly, the Lord appeared as usual, with His hands extended toward me. He smiled at me and said:

"Tell the priest: I want the whole world to know the Message.

Priests must speak openly and without fear, for nothing must be concealed of what must be revealed."

Jesus smiled at me and disappeared.



"Perpetual renewal"

Friday, May 2, 1975, 5:45 p.m. in the chapel

I was alone in the chapel at 5:45 p.m.

I saw the halo of Light which usually precedes the apparition, then, suddenly, the Sacred Host sent out red and white rays all around, as It had done during two previous apparitions. These rays were not stationary like the rays of the sun; they were constantly moving in perpetual renewal.

I did not go before the Blessed Sacrament; I didn't feel that I was being invited to kneel.

This lasted about three minutes.

There was no message, nor any voice.

However, the monstrance had disappeared and yielded its place to the rays.


(10) After the celebration of the Passion at 8:30 p.m., the priest vehemently recommended that the fifty spectators not say anything about what they had seen and heard which they did not understand. Return.


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