1. The ONENESS appears as a spire reaching in a dramatic upward sweep to attain 738 meters which is the height of Jerusalem.
The inside of the vertical column is an open space. Such was the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Jerusalem.
God is One; the Messiah is Unique, the Cross is Unique.

treillis.gif (647744 octets)

2. THREE and ONE brilliant. The triangle forms the wire work and the network of the trunk and arms of the Cross.
It recalls the christian "glories" which are radiant. These express the glorious and luminous radiance of the Trinity.
And the triangle surrounds the Name which is above all Names.
The arms measure 123 meters, and the trunk, six times the length of the arms : 6 x 123.

emboutscroix.gif (365543 octets)3. FOUR is the symbol of the Tetragrammaton of the name of God, and of the "four creatures covered with eyes" (Rev 4/6), or of the four "cherubim" of the Covenant Box and the four Gospels.
It may be found in the two squares of ten eight pointed stars, and the four rosettes where the golden number gives its measure.


4. SIX is the number signifying man. It may be found in the hexagons of the trellis and their stars of David or of Carmel which form the framework of the Cross.
It is the number signifying the Incarnation of the Messiah, son of David, son of Joseph, son of Mary, who "took our sins upon Himself" in order to deliver us from the Beast whose number is 666 (Rev 13/18).

5. EIGHT is the number signifying the Messiah and the Resurrection.
A rosette of eight crosses may be found on the facade of the parish church, Our Lady of Dozul鬦nbsp;built by Father Durand in the 19th century. This rosette of eight crosses may be found at the three extremities of the Cross around an eight pointed star, symbol of the star of Bethlehem and inside another larger eight pointed star, symbol of Jesus, Risen from the dead.
They also appear in the base which supports the Cross. This is the number of the Saviour, "Faithful and true", Who triumphed over the beast
(Rev 19/11).

6. TWELVE is the number signifying the patriarchs of Israel and the gates of Celestial Jerusalem in the Revelation of Saint John. (in 21,22) like the twelve little prophets.
Twelve is the number of the Apostles of Jesus, and the columns of the new Jerusalem, the Holy City, the fianc饦nbsp;where the God of Saint John dwells, of whom Jesus speaks in the message of Dozul馮bsp; Mrs Madeleine Aumont (Be My Apostle, p. 90).
Thus are twelve the twelve columns of the Glorious Cross.

7. TWENTY-FOUR ladders maintain the Cross. Twelve is the number of vertical ladders of 738m and twelve, the horizontal ladders of 287m.
The bars of the ladders measure 10,77 m and the distance between the bars is 13,66 m.
One cannot help thinking of Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28/12).

croixLciel2.gif (134204 octets)

8. The great BRILLIANCE of theTWO RINGS of the whole structure call to mind the pillar of cloud by day, the pillar of fire by night which accompanied Moses and the people of God, and the burning bush or the tongues of fire which descended upon the Apostles at Pentecost, like the dove which covered Jesus with its wings at his Baptism.

It is the symbol of the light of the Holy Spirit, which illuminates the big ring of the Cross and the small ring inside. It is the union of the Bride Groom and the Bride : Jesus and the Church. "The Spirit and the Bride say Come"
(Rev 22/17).


A "SANCTUARY at the foot of the Cross" is being planned according to the "measurements" given in the Book of Revelation 144 cubits (72 m) and the indications mentioned in Chapters 21-22. A transparent globe showing land and sea in realistic colors descends upon the "House of the Lord" in a square like "a new world".

Daniel Blanchard, Paris, March 28th 1995


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