Symbolism of the Glorious Cross

and the Sanctuary of Reconciliation

The Glorious Cross, signed by Jesus, Risen from the Dead

Luminous unity is its first symbol. Its spire soars to the height of Jerusalem, 738 in, 6 x 123 according to Jesus. The interior of the column which measures 30 m in diameter is an open space, like that of the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Jerusalem, which intersects with the arins of the Cross at the height of 584 m. God is One, Unique, the Messiah risen from the dead and His Glorious Cross.

Three is the structure of the mesh-like web of the Cross in the fonn of triangles which recall the Glory of God, the radiant glories of our tabernacles, our altars or the pediments of Churches, where the name of God is written, Yahve = 1 am, who, one and three, is above all other names. 123 is the dimension of the Cross given by Jesus, six times the height and twice for the arms. 3 are the rosaces at the extremities of the Cross, where the golden number determines the size.

Four is twice the square of the trec stars of the Resurrection, repeated twice at each extremity of the Cross. These twelve squares recall the tetragrammaton of God : I Am no Am. But also the Incarnation whereby Jesus is flesh, that is, of earth, water, fire and air, 4 elements of the material 1,vorld and also spiritual, above the "4 living beings covered with eyes", Rev. 4:6, the 4 cherubs of the Arch of the Covenant or the 4 guardian angels of the Evangelists : the bull, the cagle, the lion and the angel.

Six is the number which stands for man. It appears in the hexagon and in the stars of David or of the carmel of the mesh work of the smaller interior crown of the Cross. It is the number of the Redemption of the Sufferîng Servant, Son of David, of Joseph and Mary. He "took our sins upon Himself', in order to deliver us from the Beast, the original Serpent of "the number 666", Rev. 13:18.

Eight is the symbol of the Messiah risen from the dead, as in the Romanesque Churches of Auvergne. A rose window on the north side made up of eight crosses forms the facade of Notre Dame de Dozulé, parisli built by Father Durand during the 19th century. It is placed in the center of the 3 90

rosaces of the extremities of the Cross. The Star of Bethlehem, the Crown of thorns of the Cross, the Cross of He who rose from the dead. It is the number of the Saviour, the Faithful one, the Truc, who (Rev. 19: 11) is the Victor of the Beast of all suffering and of all death.

Twelve is symbolic, of the people of God. This number cornes from the 12 tribes of Israel and of the 12 apostles of Jesus.

The Cross is formed by 12 columns measuring 738 m and 12 cross beams measuring 123 + 41 + 123 = 287 m~

Twenty-four 1adders" support the Cross, 12 soar skyward, 12 go from east to west. The bars measure 10,78 m and the distance between them is 13,63 m. These recall Jacob's ladder (Gn 28:12) upon which the angels of God went up and do%vn. Fifty-five bars rise skyward in the 12 ladders of the Cross and 23 join the 12 cross beams between 584 m and 625 m in height. A double series of rings encircle the 12 pillars of the Cross. Two rings of fight. A white cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night which hovered over the pligrims but also rose from the earth as a lace-like praver from the spouse of God,- the bride of Jesus, His Church. It is the burning bush of Moses, the tongues of fire in the wind of Pentecost. It is a dove with wings spread for the return of Christ like the one present at His Baptisin. It lis the union of the Bridegroom and the Bride; Christ and His Church. They arc the great sign of Peace.

St. John, Rev. 22:17 and Madeleine Aumont pray : "The Spirit and the Spouse say'Come.Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.`

Two symbolic rings on the ground measuring 288 m around the Cross and 240 m around the Sanctuary symbolize the nuptial space of union between Jesus and His Church.

The Sanctuary of Reconciliation, sign of unity of churches

Jesus 1.vants to reconcile and unify churches originating from the twelve, then the fourteen apostles (St. Matthias and St. Paul).

A sanctuary is a holy, sacred, sanctified, consecrated place. It is of God, belonging to God, through God, with God. This sanctuarly, like may cathedrals, is inspired by the house of God as described by St John in Rev. 21-22.

Its "human dimension" Is the cubit ~ the length of a man's forearm (approximatelv 18 inches). The sanctuary measures 144 cubits in height, length and width. This symbolizes the perfection of charitv,

The walis arc of bro,~vn cn,stalline jasper, color of both earth and light.

It means the %ouse of God", the "holv Citv", the "Fiancée", the ifcelestial Jerusalem" Nvhich "descends from God". The equality of the threc dimensions is symbolic of the gift of Heaven coming from the Most High, of the length of charity and of the depth of the Love of the Holv Spirit. The house of God is again in the image of Creation in the Trinity of God three times holy and the Incarnation in the gentieness of the breath of the Holy Spirit,

The Sanctuan~ is founded like the Church upon the twelve apostles.

The 12 foundations arc of precious stones, each one diffèrent from the other. The Sanctuary opens to al] nations by means of twelve doors which are in the shape of peuls and which bear the names of the twelve tribes of the people of God. Each of the apostles wears one of the stones of the beastplate of the High Priest, Nvho for Christians syrnbolizes the Messiah.

T-%N,elvc in hebrew means "the quest for the lost word". It is the biblical and evangelical search for the Word of God.

An angel watches over cach door of the Sanctuary : St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael.

The dome which cro,,Nns the sanctuary is in the divine image of the "earth which comes down from heaven", which is thus renewed by God. It measures 90 cubits high, 3x3xlO and 144 cubits in diameter, 12xl2. Ten is the number of the righteous who saved Sodom. The Jews must bc ten to enact


religious worship. According to ancient ritual it was necessary that for each mass as well, ten persons gather to pray.

In addition the Sanctuary rises to 123 m, length given by Jesus to the arms of the Cross. The ning of 1 m and the Cross of Jerusalem which add 17 m to the summit, bring the spire of the Sanctuary to 130 m. St. Peter's in Rome culminates at 132,50 m.

The Cross planted at the place of Jerusalem recalls the first church of the world, and the four small domes, the 4 evangelists and 4 first dioceses of the universal church, one, holy catholic and apostolic.