Symbolism of the Cross

Symbolism of the Sanctuary

Introduction of Engineers and the Study of Feasibility

Prensentation of june 22th 2002 at the Western Ontario University (to be published)

Excerpts of Reports of Studies :

TECHSOL, 01/01/94, Geophysical Study

CTICM, 04/08/94, Statics Feasibility

CTICM, 07/29/94, Dynamic Behavior

Extérieur Nuit & FIPL (Stutgart) Illumination

CEBTP, 07/26/94, Geotechnical Study of the Soil

CEBTP, 12/28/94, Feasibility of the Foundations

Institut de Soudure, 07/04/95, Tubes and nodes

METEO FRANCE, Weather Data

Progress Report as of August 15.1995

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